Monday, June 1, 2009

How to Style Emo Hair

Styling emo hair isnt hard but it isnt easy either, there are a few things about emo hair that make it unique and that you will notice most emo people have. These are that the hair is almost always whip straight, this is really important, if you have curly hair go invest in a good straightening iron or go get your hair chemically straightened because emo hair is almost never curly.

The second thing is that emo hair is usually very uneven, this means that instead of having a nice symmetric hair cut you have your hair cut in all different lengths and with really jagged and sharp ends. You can notice this in the above picture, this guy has very stereotypical emo hair, it is long, whip straight, uneven and covers his face with a full monster of a fringe. He probably cant see very well sometimes though so be wary if your gonna cover your face like this =P
Oh ya, that's another thing, most emo hairstyles have a fringe ( this is basically your bang) that almost always partially covers one eye and maybe sometime the entier face like above.
This guy also has his hair dyed a bit of a blue color, now this could be interpreted as being scene or emo, id say its emo but to each their own I guess.

So knowing these pointers your ready to style your own hair, you could either bring a picture into a hair salon or do it yourself, I sometimes cut my own hair and most of the time it turns out ok but I prefer going to a stylist to get my hair done. Theirs a thing though if your going to a stylist, make sure they don't cut it too short, you cant grow back hair immediately once its been cut off but you CAN get another inch trimmed off until your hair is the right length. You should probably get shorter layers near your crown if you want to spike it and a fringe on the go, dye your hair if you want or just leave it the way it is its totally up to you and remember its all about being unique. Oh! and support this site by clicking on an ad, who knows you might like what theyre offering and you'll be helping me out. Cya later! =D

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