Sunday, June 14, 2009

Whats your style?

Emo fashion is a pretty controversial thing right now, with some people wearing skinny's and others opting for less skinny jeans, I myself prefer to not wear skinny jeans. A few suggestions on what you should wear and why will be listed below =D

Skinny Jeans: This seems fairly obvious but for new comers skinny jeans can feel weird to wear and going into a clothing store and trying on girls jeans can be embarassing for some but it dosent have to be bad. The first time I went to buy skinny jeans I had a friend with me who was doing the same same thing. I got my jeans and went right in, the employee wasn't bothered much at all as this is becoming more common nowadays. If your going to buy skinny jeans and wear them to school, you should probably buy the black ones, white or any other color will usually have you laughed out of the school if your school is anything like myn.

Bootcut Jeans: A pair of black bootcut jeans can look so much better than skinnys in my opinion, bootcut jeans look good in general but an expensive pair like "Guess","Buffallo" and so on look amazing. Couple this with a belt only put through half of the loops on the jeans and your gonna look siiick.

T'ssss: T shirts, most wear band shirts, some wear skulls, it dosent really matter as long as it is tight and matches your other clothes somewhat.

Hoodies: Hoodies are a staple in every emo guys wardrobe, striped, checkered, band, spotted, the list goes one, hoodies can look sooo good with your other clothes if you match them properly. If you were wearing black jeans, a red studded belt, a black and red t and then topped it all off with a black and red hoodie you would look like the master. Other colors work too I was just throwing that one out there and you dont always have to match its just what I think looks better.

Belts: Belts ahh another emo piece, these can look really good also. The studded leather ones are the ones the emo kids are wearing nowadayss (heres an example and for good reason, the look siick. Worn hanging off a bit or just worn normally the can really add to your look and thats always good.

Sneakers: Presonally I hate converse shoes (, I hate how they look and I would never wear them. A good pair of skate shoes will do you wonders if you are like me and dont like this look but if you do like converse shoes go ahead and go buy them but remember if I ever see you I might just stab you =P

Well ya a bit of gothicyy jewelry, or just colorful things it dosent really matter I dont wear much jewelry myself and neither do my emo friends but get creative you could make something look awesome. And thats it, I'll be posting another article in the next day or two so make sure to check back, oh! and support this site by clicking on an ad, who knows you might like what theyre offering and you'll be helping me out.
See ya next time

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