Sunday, August 9, 2009

How to get with emo guys

So, I wrote before about how to get with emo girls and hopefully it helped some people out. But well im guessing alot of girls didnt really care for that post because well they would be trying to get guys aha. But ya the ideas are for the most part universal but I will discuss here what I think girls should do to get guys easier.

NOTE: If your going for an emo or scene guy theres a chance they are going to be going for an emo or scene girl or these types of girls may appeal to them more. So with that in mind lets move on
1. You should try to make yourself look as good as possible, its known that guys are much more into physical looks then girls are so use wat you have, if you are thin wear tight body hugging clothes to show off your curves. If you are busty wear low cut tops and well you get the point. You see the thing is to get the guy turned on a bit, if you can do this you already have the battle half won.

2. Have a good honest personality. If upon getting to know you better the guy finds out you steal and swear and smoke and do all sorts of other bad things this may turn him off of you because well most guys arent interested in having a long term relationship with these kinds of girls unless they are just as bad themselves or worse and even then they may be iffy about it. So be honest, caring and nice and you will get immediate brownie points!

3. Something you can do to meet guys in a public place such as the mall is this. Have a freidn with you (you dont have to but I'll assume you do) and by yourself get up or walk away from (or you can get your friend to come too its all about the situation) your friend and ask the guy his opinion on something. You can say, "me and my friend over there were wondering if you heard anything good about the new movie so and so that just came out. We wanted to go see it but didnt want to waste our money." He would then tell you that he dosent know anything about it or you could get into a conversation with him about it, that was a really bad example but just use your imagination. This sort of pick up line thing works really well because it feels natural. imagine someone coming up to you and doing this and you will soon agree.

4. Smell good, I have a single fetish, well I guess you could call it a fetish.. And that fetish is for the scent of vanilla or cotton candy perfume girls wear. If a girl is wearing this and I smell it I will actually try to stay as close to that girl as possible just to enjoy the smell. To me its the best thing ever. So, buy some and get some opinions on it, I might not be the only one out there who likes this stuff.

5. Be random, fun and a little cocky too! I love a girl who can make me laugh, and keep me entertained. To be random and fun just buy a ball randomly and tell the guy he has to get it from you to win the game. there are many other things you could do just use your imagination! Be a little cocky too, slip in a little, you love me and you know it or you want me :P . Do this occasionally also, its a bit of fun to hang out with a girl who instead of being lame and talking about the weather does random stuff and well ya you get the point ahaha

6. Guys love sex, if you can be sexy you win. Walk up to your guy and push him into a wall and start making out with him(dont do this if you dont know the guy, it could turn out quite akward). This will get him so turned on you wouldn't believe it. Or better yet push him onto a bed and get on top of him and start kissing him. That will make him want to keep you trust me.

so ya thats all I can think of right now, just post in the comments section if you have any questions and I will get back to you ASAP. Oh I have a new links tab at athe top of the page, if you click on that it will bring you to an organised list of everything on my site and links to each section. its worth your tie to check out! Oh, and support me and this site by clicking an ad or two, you dont have to buy anything just click it and Ill love you forever =D . well im gone, cya! "The best emo hairstyles for girls and guys on
the web along with lots of pictures of emo hairstyles"

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