Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Korean Boyband

Born on January 26, 1986, Jaejoong Kim is a member of the famous Korean boyband, TVXQ (DBSK).

Definitely a perfect example of an oval shaped face, Jaejoong is capable of having very short to medium hairstyles. He can easily pull off all sorts of hairstyles.

While blessed with such a delicate face, Jaejoong tends to have thick volumed hairstyles since it will not unbalance his facial expressions in any way. However, usually on other guys a thicker volumed hairstyle makes the face chubby. But it does not have that effect on Jaejoong. 

Clearly Jaejoong contains that adorable and cute look through his help of his medium long hairstyles.His fringes and sides are particuarly long for a guy's.

Here is the famous Jaejoong Kim haircut: The white bleached hairstyle. As I have mentioned before, Jaejoong is capable of having unique hairstyles while setting up the trend for Korean hairstyles

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