Saturday, February 26, 2011

Celebrity Wedding Hairstyles - Long

Simple, Short and Elegant
We start with two short, elegant hairstyles that can work very well as wedding hairstyles for women with short hair already. The first is a short pixie cut styled with depth, texture, and teasing bangs. The hairstyle really opens up the facial area and would work well in showing the bride's beauty and any dress features from the front or behind. The next is another very short cut on Carey Mulligan who styles the hair forward in sections and brilliantly uses a sparkling headband to part the front section of the hair from the rest. It is a very simple technique that creates that unique look. These two examples are two very short ones but there are plenty of other looks for different length of short hair.

Long Flowing Hairstyle
 The next two hairstyles show how to style long hair and create two beautiful looks that can match many different wedding dresses and facial shapes. The first is from Carrie Underwood which is a layered hairstyle with a front sweep of the hair. The long tresses are infused with soft curls at the end. The whole hairstyle frames the face and will bring out any bride's beauty. The next hairstyle on Scarlett Johansson an alternative styling method and the addition of a hair clip. The hair is parted on one side and swept to the other. The tresses are pinned on one side and brushed to the other side and light brushed waves are added. The hairstyle really opens up one side of the face and can compliment one shoulder or strapless wedding dresses.

Updo Hairstyles
Updos are often favored for wedding hairstyles and the two celebrity looks here are just a drop in the bucket of the numerous hairstyles that can be created. The first is on Jessica Simpson who volume, a swept fringe, and curled locks on both sides of the face to bring focus and soften areas at the same time. The rest of the tresses are curled and clipped at the back with little sections hanging. This hairstyle would compliment many dresses, especially those that open up the back area. The other hairstyle is a chignon with a wide part of the hair worn by Penelope Cruz. Because the hair is brushed smooth to one side, all the attention is focused on facial features and the front of the dress. The hair is bundled in a low bun around the nape for a clean, chic finish.

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