Sunday, June 5, 2011

Red Faction Hairstyles

Carrie Grant (43) in 2008 with bright red hair. Her dramatic hairstyle is red on top with black underneath at the bottom. It has flips on the ends as her locks touch her shoulders. This type of haircoloring style (darker under) is becoming more trendy; the exact bold color Carrie has, however, is yet to take root.

Cool medium haircut for redheads. Texture is just right. Good example of how a little goes a long way. This model has a slight piecey and wavy style that rocks. It has a bit of an edge without being extreme. Good volume; it looks thick, slightly teased and sexy. Recommended for teenagers. This model looks like she's going for an Ashlee Simpson style but more interesting and glamorous than the musical celebrity.

Jennifer Aniston in 2008 with cool new layered and flippy bob hairstyle and red haircolor. No, not really. It's not Jen, but they have similar eyes. Jennifer has been a blonde and brunette before; maybe she could try red hair? Decent style if you want a fashionable look without the extreme Posh Spice cut or the plain bobs. This is in the middle between both extremes. It has a little attitude but it's also wearable for work. Her style has an interesting combination of hair that curls in and flips out.

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