Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hairstyling Tips: Round Shaped Face

Round Shaped Face: A type of face shape that is completely circular. Your objective would be to make your forehead look taller, since your cheeks and forehead would be the same size.

Best hairstyles for this type: The right hairstyle for you would be short to medium hairstyles that do not contain much bangs, and that would make your forehead smaller. You want to make your forehead look bigger than usual! Add some spikes with hair wax to emphasize the forehead! Or even pull your fringes to the sides!

Hairstyles to avoid: Try to avoid long hairstyles that would cover much of your forehead. If you happen to have a long hairstyle, try to push the fringes to the side, to cover up a bit of your cheeks instead.

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