Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hairstyling Tips: Triangle Shaped Face

Triangle Shaped Face: If you have a narrow forehead but a broad cheekbone, then you have a Triangle Shaped Face! No worries! Your only goal is to narrow down your chin and widen your forehead through hairstyling tips!
Best hairstyles for this type: Triangle Shape face individuals should avoid wearing long haircuts because they will only emphasize more on the broad chin. Try wearing short to medium hairstyles that have heavy layers and bangs to accentuate the forehead. Also, you may also use hair wax to create spiky hair to add volume to your forehead, so that it will balance out with the broad cheekbone.

Hairstyles to avoid: Try to avoid long haircuts that are below the shoulder level, and thin layered haircuts which would not help balance out the face traits.

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